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DRY HAIR Mango butter to the rescue for dry hair in need of nutrition

When we think of mangoes, we think of a delicious smoothie or dessert, but this fruit is also great for dry hair. Mango butter is a powerful concentrate with unparalleled properties for nourishing hair. It feels and smells great too! Read more.

Who should use mango butter?

Mango butter and its super nourishing power is especially suitable for those who have:

  • Dry hair lacking moisture, whether straight, wavy or curly 
  • Normal hair dried out by pollution or, in summer, by chlorine and salt 

However, it may not be suitable if you have:

  • Very dry, damaged and brittle hair 
  • Frizzy, tightly curled or straightened hair 
  • Curly hair and want it straighter 

The natural benefits of mango

Klorane has selected mango for its richness in fatty acids and polysaccharides with nourishing and protective properties.

The fruit is harvested by hand when ripe, when the active ingredients are most concentrated. The variety chosen by Klorane, mangifera indica L., is especially rich in fatty acids and nourishing properties that deeply nourish dry hair without weighing it down. Normally thrown away, their stones are enhanced with the Klorane formula, creating additional income for local communities. Mango plant extract is obtained by cold pressing to keep the nourishing power of mango butter intact, with no water or solvents, to benefit from a maximum of good, undenatured fatty acids that make mango butter perfectly suitable for nourishing hair care.

A few words from our botanist

Mango butter extracted from the kernel is very rich in fatty acids with exceptional nutritional properties. After collecting mango pulp, we dry the stones in the sun for a water-free extraction without any solvents.

Alexandre PanelKlorane Botanist

How can you enjoy the benefits of mango butter through Klorane?

Mango butter strengthens the hydrolipidic film and infuses just the right amount of nutrition for hair shines with vitality, with no build-up. We implemented it in a whole range of haircare products specially designed for dry hair.


In a shampoo that cleans without drying out the hair

This mango shampoo nourishes and sheaths dry hair without weighing it down while protecting the hair shaft. Nourished and protected from dryness, the hair becomes supple, soft and shiny.

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In a luxurious treatment that nourishes and detangles hair.

A conditioner with a rich texture to be applied in the shower for nourished, supple and perfectly detangled hair. No more knots!

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What people are saying

I always carry my mango day cream in my bag, which I apply several times a day to my dry ends at the office before a meeting, before going out in the evening... The result is amazing and so is the smell!

Antoinette30 years old


Dry and split ends: how to tackle the problem at its roots

If you have dry or split ends this means you hair is dry overall. It is therefore not enough to just cut your ends (even if it can help): dry hair needs to be treated at the root. 

Dry hair is hair that is lacking sebum and lipids, and is defenceless against external aggressions. The more often you nourish your hair with fatty active ingredients like mango butter, the more you help restore the barrier function of the hydrolipidic film. 


Is it possible to blow-dry you hair without damaging it?

Do hair dryers really ruin your hair? Due to thermal damage, hair becomes damaged and dry, especially when styling tools are used every day! But don’t worry, we have a solution. Check out our tips for damage-free hair styling. 

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