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QUININE AND HAIR GROWTH The strengthening qualities of quinine

Quinquina is a tree native to South America traditionally used by the Incas for its medicinal properties. Quinine is extracted from its bark, a molecule with powerful strengthening properties (with a patented action!) to reduce hair loss. In short, it’s a plant that’s perfect for naturally replenishing the hair after pregnancy or hormonal imbalances.

Who should use quinine?

Quinine is a natural active ingredient that is especially suitable for: 

- those who suffer from temporary hair loss

- those who want to achieve healthier hair

- those who want to achieve more voluminous hair

- those who want to protect weak and damaged hair.

The properties of quinine

A traditional Inca remedy

Red Quinquina was used as a traditional remedy by the Incas for its many benefits to treat digestive problems and infections. The part of the plant that is used is the dried bark. It was also one of the main treatments for malaria.

How can you enjoy the benefits of quinine through Klorane?

Strengthen thinning hair and reduce hair loss thanks to a 100% natural ingredient: the quinine shot found in the Klorane STRENGTH range.

A little pick-me-up serum to stimulate your hair

A little pick-me-up serum to stimulate your hair
The Keratin Strength serum gets your hair back into shape. Thanks to its unique new formula containing Quinine, Caffeine, Vitamin B and Keratin*, it helps strengthen thinning hair and prevent hair loss, from the first application!

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A strengthening shampoo to prevent hair loss

This strengthening and stimulating shampoo with organic quinine and edelweiss extract is perfect to complete your anti-hair loss routine or to use on its own: it cleans the hair while giving it the tone it lacks.

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A strengthening conditioner that acts as a shield

For weakened hair or to complement anti-hair loss treatments, this conditioner makes detangling easier while strengthening hair to limit breakage linked to brushing. Revitalised, the hair is easier to style and its structure is strengthened.

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What people are saying

My partner bought me the Klorane anti-hair loss serum a few months ago. Since I've started using it, I've seen a noticeable difference, my hair falls out less. I love it!

Antoine34 years old


Organic edelweiss and caffeine in synergy with quinine

Organic edelweiss

Quinine and its strengthening properties are without doubt the star of our anti-hair loss range. But the organic edelweiss in our shampoo and conditioner also works magic on hair. Produced from organic and sustainable farming, its active ingredient strengthens the hair fibre to prevent hair loss.


The caffeine used in our anti-hair loss serum works alongside quinine: this patented quinine-caffeine combination strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss.




Your hair and scalp are just like us. When it comes to excess work, fatigue, stress and pollution, they become tired. Our water mint-based haircare range can help. Follow our tutorial for a well-deserved hair detox

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