Ritual Ylang Ylang Ritual

Cananga odorata


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We selected Ylang-Ylang for the capacity of the delicate flower to flourish even under the blazing sun of the tropics. The petals are protected by a thin layer of essential wax, rich in nourishing fatty acids and highly resilient to damage from the external elements which we extract to protect sun-exposed hair.


Cleanse & nourish

Sun radiance
Nourishing shampoo to help protect the hair against the drying effects of UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine.


Sun Repair
Enriched with plant-based Keratin, this rich creamy conditioner deeply nourishes and repairs the hair fibre.


Sun Protection
Enriched with UV filters, this oil protects your hair from the sun and acts as a shield against the harmful effects of salt, sand and chlorine.

« Protect, nourish and repair your hair all summer long! »

Cananga odorata
Discover Ylang-Ylang essential wax which protects* your hair against the drying and damaging effects of UV rays, salt, sand and chlorine while we protect the local environment's biodiversity. *Ex-vivo tests
We help preserve the depleted forests of the Comoros by helping to halve wood consumption, saving the equivalent of 210 tons of wood in just 3 years. Using the byproduct of the production of the essential oil, Klorane's biodegradable* Ylang-Ylang range helps provides more income to the local community and uses eco-designed recyclable packaging made from recycled material *Shampoo and conditioner
Reveal the richness of Ylang-Ylang through a range of sensory treatments and improving the practices of farmers and developing a more sustainable way to manage the forest to protect the Comoros’s extraordinary biodiversity.