Normal hair

Normal hair

If your hair is normal, that’s wonderfully rare! However, this type also has specific needs—and especially the need to be pampered! We have created three complete hair care ranges with the gentleness of Oat, the softness of Almond and the lightness of Citron. The hardest part will be choosing!

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Have you been wondering what the perfect care products are for your normal hair? There are many options to care for normal hair, so here are some ideas to help you through this complicated process.  

Which normal hair care products should you choose?

When we talk about normal hair care, we're not just talking about shampoo, but also about all the other ways you can care for your normal hair. Because even if it’s easy to style or wash, it also requires special maintenance to prevent it from deteriorating.
There are many different care options available to suit the needs of your hair. At Klorane, there is a suitable and personalised product for every hair type.
To start with caring for your normal hair, consider a hair oil every two weeks or serums to help the scalp become stronger. For those with fragile scalps, it’s best to use neutral and natural shampoos. We highly recommend using a conditioner for your hair to detangle knots and keep it soft.

Klorane's care for normal hair

Klorane offers a wide variety of products to respond to all types of problems that normal hair may encounter.  Your hair needs to be nourished in order to shine and achieve volume. Klorane's products can protect, revive, soothe or purify your hair based on its unique needs.
To do this, the brand offers several products: shampoos to detoxify and refresh the hair; a conditioner that provides shine and detangles the hair easily; and a detoxifying spray that removes bad odours and refreshes the hair. For the Oat and Nettle range, the brand offers 4 products – all dry shampoos – so you can space out your wash days and thus preserve your hair with ease. 
For normal hair that gets greasy quickly, Klorane offers a shampoo with Nettle to control oil and help it stay clean for longer. Finally, if you’re on the hunt for softness and hold, you can opt for Klorane's shampoo with Oat, which is suitable for all hair types. At Klorane, there’s a wide range of care products for normal hair to alleviate any problems it may be suffering from and to help it grow stronger.

The benefits of caring for normal hair.

Frequent use of care products for normal hair can have many benefits for your hair. Firstly, they make it stronger and more resistant to the elements (cold, rain, sun, pollution etc.). 
On the other hand, dry shampoos allow you to wash your hair less often, leaving it clean for longer while also preventing too much damage. Dry shampoos allow you to space out your washes and combine the benefits of practicality for your everyday life and a refreshing effect on your hair! In fact, if you wash your hair too often, you will damage it in the long run, as it will no longer be used to defending itself.
As for shampooing, when done from time to time and with the right normal hair care products, it will not only help revive your hair but will also leave it even more radiant each time and stronger against external elements.

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