Our conditioners will easily detangle your hair, leaving a soft, natural and shiny finish. A care step that makes all the difference with its express application time! Discover our selection of products to meet all your needs and make your hair radiate with happiness!

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Conditioner is an important step in your hair care routine to moisturise, nourish and soften your hair while detangling your locks. Klorane’s conditioners are made in France and use a wider variety of natural key ingredients designed to meet the unique needs of your hair.
To perfect the beauty and health of your hair, the Klorane range of hair care can be adapted to all hair types. Designed in line with the botanical soul of our brand and as part of an eco-responsible approach, our products – made in France – moisturise, nourish and restructure your hair while detangling it. The products will offer a silky and natural result while leaving behind a delicate scent. Mango, Quinine & Organic Edelweiss, Organic Cupuaçu, Organic Peony, Organic Flax or Organic Mint: each conditioner has been designed to meet the needs of your hair.  

How to choose your conditioner

It's not always easy to choose the right care for your hair type. However, this is the most important step in maintaining beautiful hair. Klorane develops its formulas using active ingredients from plants so that each product is unique: "One plant, one indication". Each extract is carefully studied to adapt to your scalp.

Determine the nature of your hair

Dry hair needs a repairing treatment with detangling properties. Our conditioners include nourishing properties to restore nutrition and shine to your hair.
On the other hand, very fine, brittle hair that is losing body needs to be protected with a lightweight formula to add volume without weighing it down.

Choosing your conditioner: the headache of thick or curly hair
To keep your curls well defined or to tame your thick mane, all you need to do is deeply nourish and protect your hair. A gentle shampoo followed by a conditioner prepares your hair for the day ahead.
Nourishing Conditioner with Mango: gently nourish dry hair
Dry, curly or coiled hair’s best friend, it nourishes and coats your hair. A nourishing, natural product that leaves your hair shiny and soft while it is gently detangled.

Repairing Conditioner with Organic Cupuaçu: restore very dry and damaged hair
Very dry hair or hair damaged from colouring, heat and external aggressors sometimes needs a deep repair. Our Cupuaçu conditioner provides a deeply hydrating formula that detangles, tames frizz and improves hair resilience for softer, suppler, shinier locks.

Strengthening Conditioner with Quinine and Organic Edelweiss: strengthen weak and thinning hair
Weak and lifeless hair can be a result of many factors, but our Quinine and Organic Edelweiss conditioner can help to strengthen, protect and revitalise thinning locks. It detangles and strengthens from root to tip, boosting hair resilience and vitality in the long term.

Detoxifying Conditioner with Organic Mint: refresh all hair types
All hair needs a detox every once in a while! Our minty conditioner nourishes the hair and adds shine while detoxifying the hair and scalp from external pollutants. It’s refreshing mint scent delivers an instant cooling sensation and is suitable for frequent use.

Soothing Conditioner with Organic Peony: sooth irritated and sensitive hair and scalp
An irritated scalp needs a gentle and soft formula when using haircare products. This conditioner can actually be used before shampoo and applied directly to the scalp for an instant soothing sensation. It softens and adds shine to the hair, providing comfort straight to the scalp. 


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