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HAPPY SKIN & HAIR 5 beauty tips for repairing very dry and damaged hair

5 tips to summer-proof your hair

The best parts of summer (salty or chlorinated swims, heat) can be the worst for your hair. Split ends, rough texture, dullness... whether your hair is very dry by nature, is chemically damaged or over processed, we can help! Here are 5 solutions for soft, silky hair!

1- The secret to beautiful hair: a good trim

Cut off those split-ends before they become split whole strands. Take this as your sign to schedule that appointment! A cut will take off the split ends that can tend to travel up the hair and wreak more havoc! Scheduling regular trims can also help hair that has had too much chemical processing*. Start fresh with healthier hair on the head and cut off an over-processed hair in the process*. With a new cut, you have a healthy foundation. 


Although we all grew up thinking that split ends were the sign that it was time for a cut, this actually means you’ve waited too long. Before splitting, the ends of your hair may feel dry and brittle, meaning it gets more difficult to brush or comb your hair all the way through**. 

5 beauty tips for repairing very dry and damaged hair  - The secret to beautiful hair- a good trim - Klorane the mag
5 beauty tips for repairing very dry and damaged hair - Mask up with an overnight treatment - Klorane Mag

2-  Avoid breakage when washing your hair

Very dry hair has a damaged hair shaft and is often fragile and brittle. The hair shaft is composed of keratin, which makes the hair strong and flexible, and is the nonliving part above the scalp’s surface***. When the hair shaft is damaged, splitting and breaking can occur so it’s important to wash very gently- your hair can be most vulnerable while wet***.

Here are some tips to make sure your hair is not damaged while you wash:

  • Try co-washing! Alternate between 2 complementary routines to wash your hair: every second wash, replace your usual shampoo + reparative mask duo with a conditioner alone, like our Conditioner with Organic Cupuaçu, to avoid stripping the hair shaft of its natural oils.
  • Once you apply the conditioner, use a wide tooth comb to gently detangle your hair, then rinse and pat dry- no rubbing please!

3- Mask up with an overnight treatment

To restore the condition of very dry hair, try an overnight treatment with our Mask with Organic Cupuaçu. In the evening, borrow the techniques used by spas to optimise and boost the nourishing effect of your hair mask by spreading a generous amount of the mask over your hair lengths, wrapping your hair in a towel, and leaving it on while you sleep. The following day, rinse thoroughly and let your hair dry naturally.

Organic Cupuaçu butter which is 1.5 times more nourishing than shea butter1, will intensively nourish and help repair your hair. Bye bye, frizz and hello soft hair! And since Cupuaçu is cultivated using organic agroforestry practices in the Amazon rainforest, you're also doing a good deed for the planet!

5 beauty tips for repairing very dry and damaged hair  - Turn down the heat - klorane the mag

4- Turn down the heat

Let hair dry naturally or turn the heat down and go easy on the hair dryer to help to limit further damage to the hair. We understand it’s hard for to completely cut out the blow dryer, so try blow drying from a distance, approximately 15 centimeters away from the hair, and moving it continuously to help reduce any damage****. The hotter the temperature on your hair dryer, the more at risk your hair is, so try using a lower heat setting on any product and limiting the time the hot air or iron touches the hair. 

Many of us are guilty of drying our hair with a towel after a shower (right here!), but let it dry naturally! This will maintain the moisture in your hair and allow it to dry softer****.

5- Treat your hair the way you treat your skin 

Hyaluronic Acid now for your hair! Yes, you’ve read this right.

Our NEW Cica-serum with Organic Cupuaçu is a repairing and thermo-protective leave-in haircare treatment for all hair types that combines the highly nourishing power with the repairing power of Organic Cupuaçu butter (which provides up to 1.5 times more hydration than Shea Butter1) with the protective and restorative action of Hyaluronic Acid. How to use it you ask?

It has never been that easy! Just add a few pumps to your lengths, and no need to rinse. The restorative serum penetrates hair2 to protect against heat damage (up to 220°C)3, so it’s ideal before your blow dry or straighten, and prevents hair breakage4. Et voila! Your hair is nourished & hydrated with frizz under control. You’re ready to make heads turn with that newly protected & repaired hair of yours! Thank us later, xoxo

5 beauty tips for repairing very dry and damaged hair model with hyaluronic klorane




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