NATURAL CHECKING Can lemon juice really lighten your hair?

In the mood for a subtle change: just some natural highlights to brighten up my mane. Just a touch. Brighten, but naturally without fuss. The humble lemon, can you really lighten my hair?

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To safely lighten blonde hair, spray a mix of lemon juice + a little water on your hair before going to the beach.

Wrong! Lemons do not like the sun. Lemon juice contains mostly citric acid, a natural bleaching agent does in fact lighten the hair, but is not exactly harmless. If you want to achieve beautiful golden highlights, lemon juice is far from being the most effective and safest solution. When lemon juice and sunlight are combined, the chemical reaction that lightens the hair, also dries it out. Citric acid attacks and opens the hair structure, making it porous and rough. The sun's rays can already damage your hair on their own! That's why you need to protect your hair from the sun. Lemon juice actually accelerates the damaging effects of the sun.


Lemon juice makes hair stronger and shinier.

Wrong! Lemon can damage the hair fibre. The acidity of lemon juice can initially act like a vinegar rinse, giving a (false!) impression of extra shine when first applied. But over time, repeated applications of citric acid will damage the hair fibre. With naturally less melanin, blonde hair is less resistant and dulls more quickly than darker shades: the combination of UV rays and citric acid accelerates the depletion of melanin in the hair, making it duller than it really is.


Lemon juice helps to lighten all types of hair.

Again, wrong! Lemon can do some funny things. Citric acid has the most effect on naturally light hair. If you have dark hair, the effect will be brassy at best... For those with coloured hair, lemon juice can behave differently to what you might expect!


Our natural and effective advice


the best way to make your hair golden, naturally, this summer!

Rich in Agipenine, a pigment in the Flavones family, it helps to lighten blonde hair and gives beautiful natural blonde tones to medium brown hair. The natural pigments of the plant attach to the hair shaft without penetrating the hair. It is a gentle and naturally effective method of lightening hair and making blondes more vibrant.

While the results will be most noticeable on light blonde hair, you can also use it on your brown hair for beautiful golden to copper highlights. It can also be effective if you want to revive the shine of your dull hair. Chamomile is your best ally for a natural glow all summer long.

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