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We hear all about sensitive skin on the face and body but did you know it’s also very common to experience scalp sensitivity? Your scalp is just skin so it makes sense that sensitivity doesn't stop at the hairline.

Like sensitive skin, factors that can trigger scalp sensitivity are reactions to certain ingredients, harsh shampoos, pollution, stress and even the weather such as excessive heat or cold.

When your scalp is feeling irritated, you’ll experience the same sensations that you get with sensitive skin elsewhere on your body- So if your scalp is feeling those tell-tale signs of sensitivity- itching, flaking, redness, burning, tingling, or tightness, it’s time for a little scalp TLC!

Four tips to show your scalp some love:

Gentle wash only- and not too often!

People with sensitive skin should be careful not to over-wash their hair. Over-washing can strip the natural oils and disturb the skin barrier which can leave your scalp feeling dry, irritated, and often itchy.

Choose a gentle shampoo and conditioner formulated for sensitive skin to hydrate the scalp and keep the itch under control!

We recommend our Soothing range with Peony. Used in Chinese medicine since the 10th century, the roots of the peony hide an incredibly soothing natural active ingredient, paeoniflorin.

The calming pH-balanced formula of our Soothing Shampoo enriched with Peony extract gently cleanses while the lightweight gel conditioner provides immediate & 24-hour comfort and hydration* for a stress-free scalp!

Cool off!

In winter, it's tempting to turn up the heat in the shower but warm or even cool water (we know, we know- brrr!) will serve your scalp better. And that also goes for blow-drying your hair on high heat.

Try and have a few blow-dry free days and let your hair dry naturally. Both your scalp and hair will thank you.

Minimal styling

Go easy on the heavy styling products as they can build up and aggravate your scalp so go product free when you can or reach for our SOS serum with Peony.

This soothing scalp treatment spray with 20x concentration of Peony extract^, provides instant relief & 24-hour comfort*, calming the sensations of irritation.


Gently does it!

Be as gentle as you can when brushing and combing. A wide-tooth comb is the safest bet!


*Perceived effect after use by 32 women

^Compared to Shampoo with Peony

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Inspired by the effectiveness of Nature’s decontaminating powers, Klorane botanists studied the decontaminating effects of Mentha aquatica L. on the scalp, since we know pollution affects our body and hair on many levels.