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Summer is in full swing here in Australia, and with its arrival we also welcome many sunny beach days along the beautiful Australian coast. But just as the sun can be extremely damaging to our skin, it can also cause some serious damage to our locks. Shiny, bouncy and healthy hair can quickly become dry and brittle if not properly taken care of over the sunny season. Sun-induced stress can rough up the outer layer of the hair shaft, leaving it dull and lifeless – not exactly what we want to remember the season for.

Sun is not the only factor that can affect your hair health over summer. Swimming can also really take a toll on our tresses. Whether you’re taking a dip in the ocean or in the pool, both salt and chlorine can have negative effects on your hair. While chlorine strips your hair of its natural protective oils, making it dry, the heavy salt content in the ocean draws water out of your hair, leaving it dehydrated. Not good either way, right?


The good news is that summer doesn’t need to be the season of bad hair days. With your Klorane Summer Ritual and a little bit of extra TLC, your hair can keep its year-round health even with all the stress factors that come with the season.

As an established pioneer that has made its mark on dermo-cosmetics through botanical expertise, we know how to choose a plant and borrow from traditional routines to create efficient, modern products.

The skills of our botanists, agronomists, biologists and pharmacists help us create plant-based innovative products through cutting-edge technology, while protecting biodiversity and ensuring the continued existence of resources and supply.

That’s how we created our Desert date and Mango butter ranges – your summer saviours that will nourish your hair and help restore its health, leaving you to keep enjoying everything summer throws your way!


Distinguished by its amazing ability to optimise the lack of nutrition it receives from the environment, the Sub-Sahelian Desert date builds nutritional reserves and remains healthy for months in the total absence of water. Remarkably, it produces an extraordinary, rich fruit with many cosmetic benefits.

From this unique model of resistance against the most extreme conditions of drought, we extracted the very best of its proteins and fatty acids to give silkiness and strength to even the most damaged hair.

Another botanical marvel stems from the Mango tree. Our mangoes are cultivated in India, and serve as the hero ingredient in our nourishing Mango butter range.

In accordance to a certified eco-responsible approach, we harvest the fruit using techniques that respect the surrounding ecosystem, in alignment with the Klorane Botanical Foundation’s botanical mission to preserve and protect plant heritage around the world. And when it comes to hair, our Mango butter range has the ability to lock in moisture – making it a perfect summer ritual.  

Choosing the right ritual for yourself can be difficult, as both ranges work wonders for dry hair in the summertime. The main difference, however, is that Desert date will not only repair dry hair, but also hair that is extremely damaged and brittle. Comprising a shampoo; conditioner; daily leave-in cream and weekly reparative treatment mask, this range will effortlessly restore strength and silkiness to your locks.

Mango butter on the other hand, deeply nourishes dry hair without weighing it down, leaving it silky and smooth. Comprising a shampoo; conditioner; and weekly moisture treatment mask, this tropical smelling, hydrating range will provide long-lasting nourishment to your hair. Amazing, right?

No matter which ritual you end up choosing for yourself, one thing we can promise is that taking care of your hair will become something to really look forward to each day. And now that you are familiar with how Klorane can help your hair thrive in the harsh summer conditions, tell us, what’s your Summer Ritual?




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