"Herbarium On Stage" in action at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Green Tips


"From little things, big things grow!"

Klorane Botanical Foundation is on a mission to plant the botanical seeds of knowledge all around the world through our “Herbarium on Stage” workshops for children!

With our modern lifestyles involving less and less direct contact with nature, we believe it is especially important for young children to be exposed to botany. And as it happens, sharing is in our foundation's DNA.

What began as a project in 2014 on the banks of the Seine in Paris celebrating the 20th birthday of Klorane Botanical Foundation, has evolved in to ongoing workshops helping city-slicker kids around the world ignite the spark of botanical passion and build their relationship with nature. “Herbarium on Stage” has brought botanic bliss to children in Singapore, Korea and Argentina.

Our 3 year partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney brings “Herbarium on Stage” to life right here in Australia, instilling plant proficiency and passion in our next generation.

Check out “Herbarium on Stage” in action!