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Is your hair game strong? Or has winter been a game-changer- and not in a good way?!

During the winter months, the cold weather outside combined with dry indoor heat and more blow-drying that can be tough on your strands, leaving your hair brittle and more prone to breakage. So if your hair is in need of some strength to fight off the effects of winter- keep reading!

To know how to strengthen our hair, it pays to know what exactly your hair is made up of- and the simple answer to that is protein- a protein called keratin to be exact which makes up 97% of the hair strand.

Consisting of a combination of 18 amino acids, keratin plays an important role in providing cohesion to the hair shaft, keeping it healthy, strong and full of elasticity. The most important role of keratin is to protect the hair from external factors.

But these external factors like heat, chemicals, rough techniques, and environmental factors can all play a part in depleting keratin, resulting in deterioration of the stability and flexibility of the hair shaft. What this looks like in mirror is dryness, breakage and even hair loss.

If your hair is feeling weak and lifeless, some extra strength may be necessary! We recommend enlisting our Strengthening range with Quinine and B-Vitamins to help maintain healthy hair growth and restore thickness and energy to thinning, lifeless hair - think of it as a PT for your hair.

Kick off with our Strengthening Shampoo to reinvigorate thinning and weakened hair, help to maintain healthy growth and restore the hair’s density. Follow with our Strengthening Conditioner- a nourishing express treatment to fortify the structure of the hair.

Now it’s time to add some Keratin strength. Adding additional keratin can help fill in any gaps in the cuticle or cortex, caused by styling or heat damage, reducing breakage and making your hair smoother, stronger and shinier.

Our Keratin Strength Fortifying spray is loaded with plant-based keratin, containing the same 18 amino acids, that make up the hair’s natural keratin.

The unique formula penetrates deep into the hair fibre to help rebuild the hair shaft, strengthening the hair’s structure- hair is stronger after the very first use!

For next level strength (and a little self-care), treat yourself to a quick scalp massage when applying the spray.

Healthy circulation helps to nourish the hair follicles and massage is an easy way to rev up this circulation and stimulate blood flow into those follicles.

Try these three techniques for 10 seconds each:

Tilt the head forward, place two fingers from each hand (index and middle) at the base of the head (back of the skull, above the nape), and massage towards the ears.

Then make circular movements with all four fingers along the hair line (from the nape of the neck, over the ears, and towards the forehead), making sure you target where the hair meets the skin.

Place the hands (pressing both the fingers and palms) on each side of the head (palms behind the ears and fingers directed upwards) and move the scalp forwards/backwards (four times), then left/right (four times).



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