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En route vers un Noël plus responsable

The greenest Christmas tree of all

Most fake trees are made of non-recyclable materials like plastics and metals that won't break down. This means they will all eventually end up in landfill.

The most eco friendly option is a real Christmas tree- a renewable resource, 100% biodegradable and easily recycled. 

Even better, choosing a potted tree like an Australian native pine means you can either replant in the garden after Christmas or use it year after year.

Though cut trees can’t be replanted, they can be recycled! Many local councils offer a post Christmas tree pick-up service or some Christmas tree suppliers will also take back used trees for mulching, which is used to enrich and nurture soil.

Decorate naturally

What’s Christmas without decorations? The best and most sustainable ones are family heirlooms that are used year after year!

If you need to top up your decoration collection this year, why not make your own? Get kids on board and give free rein to their creativity!

You can recycle your toilet paper rolls: with a little imagination, you can turn them into great Santa Clauses or little elves.

Creative types can make their own wreath using leaves and twine. Make garlands edible for assured biodegradability!

Use popcorn, candied orange slices or shortbread biscuits in festive shapes. Forage locally for pretty seedpods, leaves and gumnuts.


Plant it

While less of us rely on posting traditional Christmas cards, if you do want to send some Christmas cheer without burdening the planet- try a plantable card.

These are made from recycled paper embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted, the seeds grow and the paper composts into the soil. Plant in the garden and enjoy forever!

Ethical gifting

Who doesn’t love to give (and receive!) Christmas presents?  But if you are trying to minimise your impact on the planet, it’s wise to think sustainably.


A donation to a worthy cause is the most sustainable gift you can give- rather than using resources, you could be helping to protect them!


Most of us already have everything we “need”, so why not opt for an experience instead? The recipient will have incredible memories and will thank you for the time they spent honing their skills, discovering new passions, or spending time with their bffs.

Kris Kringle/Secret Santa:

This is a fun way to minimise the amount of “stuff” we all end up with and invest a bit more money into a single considered gift that won’t end up in landfill.

Wrap it up- responsibly!

Here are some ideas for wrapping your gifts in an environmentally friendly way:

- Reuse wrapping from last year (if you didn’t save any- remind yourself to start this year!)

- Fabric offcuts or even a scarf can be a great environmentally friendly option.

- Many store bought paper can’t be recycled so choose something free of foil and glitter. If you want to know if your wrapping paper can be recycled or not, use the scrunch test. Scrunch up the paper in your hands and then let it go. If the paper stays scrunched up then it can be recycled but, if it unfolds on its own, then it is most likely non recyclable.

- Use plain recycled paper and dress up with leaves, flowers and left over ribbon.

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