Protecting Australia's Biodiversity for Future Generations


Did you know, through the Klorane Botanical Foundation, we support the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s mission to protect Australia’s incredible biodiversity for future generations?

The problem? Biodiversity is decreasing at an unprecedented rate. 

The solution? Effectively storing seeds to safeguard the most vulnerable species.


Royal Botanic Garden’s collectors travel all across New South Wales collecting seeds and other propagation material of species at risk to bring back to the Australian PlantBank for storage in the seed vault, in cryopreservation and tissue culture or to grow in the greenhouses and garden in the event they become endangered or extinct. The seed vault at PlantBank is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. It holds seed collections of many of the 25,000 plant species that occur in Australia.



The success of conserving seeds for the long-term depends on the collection of good quality seed, correct preparation of the seed for storage, and maintaining the collections in dry, cold conditions. The colder the storage temperature, the longer the seeds will last.  These seed and plant collections are used by scientists to understand how such species grow and interact in their habitats, and how they can be best conserved with research shared across the world.

Klorane’s support for the Australian PlantBank has helped scientists collect and store 64% of NSW’s threatened species focusing on Australian native rainforest plants under threat from habitat fragmentation, weeds, disease and climate change.