Klorane Tips for Saving Water

Green Tips

With agriculture supporting the heart of rural Australia, saving water has never been more important in the driest inhabited continent facing a need for climate resilience. Read on to learn how simple actions can improve your lifestyle and help to ease the pressures on our drought-stricken farming communities.

Tip #1: #2minCleanThinking

Saving water can be achieved in just 2 minutes – made easy by Klorane. Home to the original dry shampoo, Klorane is championing 2 Minutes of Clean Thinking, a fresh approach to clean beauty and living. 2 minutes is all it takes to clean and volumise your hair without water when using our cult-classic Klorane Dry Shampoos. This means you get time back for the things that matter but importantly, save heaps of water while looking fabulous.

Did you know? Replacing 1 use of regular wet shampoo with 1 application of Klorane Dry Shampoo per week can help to save 500L of water per year!

Tip #2: Showering Songbird:

Cutting your shower time by 3 minutes a day will save an average of 13,140 litres of water per year (Cool Australia, 2012). Imagine the amount of water you could save by keeping shower time to 3 minutes. Simply select a short tune and turn off the tap by the time it ends – a bath time special swiftly tailored by Klorane so you can quickly shake off and dry your wet hair with a towel – just shake it off, shake it off.

Tip #3: Rinse ‘n’ Recycle:

As the embodiment of the Soul of Botany, we wouldn’t suggest a Klorane tip without mentioning plants. When you're washing vegetables – before peeling them to cook up a feast – remember to save the water you washed them in. Your plants will happily drink it up!

Klorane supports the work of Klorane Botanical Foundation, which is committed to preserving water and preventing the soil from drying out. The Foundation participates in reforestation programs, like the Great Green Wall in Africa where almost 80,000 trees have been replanted to fight desertification. Other initiatives include the improvement of agricultural methods, notably in the Amazon –  “the lungs of the Earth”.

Tip #4: Leak Lookout:

Check you don’t have any leaks! We don’t always notice them, but even minor leaks can use up considerable amounts of water. So, do a quick tour of your home, checking all taps, pipes and joints. You may also discover better sleep without the noise of a dripping tap! With eco-responsibility at the core of Klorane’s sustainable plant heritage, water is appreciated as a crucial yet scarce resource for our ecosystem to thrive. Our products are designed with sustainability in mind; new formulas are developed to be biodegradable and easy-to-rinse, thereby saving water with each rinse and minimising the environmental impact.

Now that you’re armed with our nifty Klorane tips for saving water, you are ready to try them, and encourage your family and friends to build some good habits, so together we can take care of our environment and live better in Australia.

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