Aquatic mint

This perennial plant with a refreshing scent characteristic of mint is also known as "water mint". It grows abundantly in moist ground, along the banks of streams and rivers, which makes it an indicator plant for the presence of water. It flowers from July to October.

Also known as "water mint"

Mint is traditionally used throughout the world for centuries for its refreshing, antiseptic and stimulating properties. More recently it is used in the phyto-purification of wastewater basins.

Mentha Aquatica L.

Aquatic mint is grown on our own land in Gaillac in southwest France using organic farming methods



Our botanical experts explore Aquatic mint and demonstrate its detoxifying properties on the scalp, and the purification of freshwater supported by the Klorane Botanical Foundation and Tsinghua University in China.


We protect the environment with organic agriculture and green chemistry. The ecosystem of the CĂ©vennes National Park in France is protected through the Klorane Botanical Foundation, using Aquatic mint's detoxifying properties to purify the polluted rivers containing heavy metals and toxic particles.


We are committed to sharing the proven detoxifying properties of Aquatic mint through our hair care products. Our botanical experts have also developed natural and biodegradable formulas to share our eco-responsible approach with the world.

The Klorane selection

Clarify and refresh

Scalp Detox
This clarifying shampoo deeply cleanses by removing impurities, product buildup and environmental residue.

Protect and detangle

Scalp Protect
This protective conditioner hydrates and protects the scalp, while detangling and adding shine to hair.

Detoxify and refresh

Scalp Detox
This detoxifying dry shampoo instantly refreshes and clarifies the hair and scalp in 2 minutes, while delivering an instant cooling sensation and invisible finish.