Nettle | Hair Oil control Dry Shampoo with Nettle - Oily hair

Cleans without water

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle cleanses without water in 2 minutes, while volumising and adding texture to hair. This ultra-absorbent formula features natural Nettle extract with proven oil control properties to regulate sebum production and absorb excess oil. It also extends the life of blow-outs and decreases the frequency of liquid washes. Suitable for frequent use on oily hair.

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Clean hair without water in 2 minutes.

Cleanses, absorbs excess oil


Usable by Teenagers - Adults

Age From 12 year(s)

Type of hair Oily hair

Need Sebum reduction

Made in France


Rediscover a clean and purified scalp with lightweight, bouncy hair.

48hcontrols sebum for 48 hours¹
77%effective at absorbing grease²

¹Evaluation of hair sebum level. Clinical study carried out on 35 subjects.
²Ex-vivo test on hair strands. Dermatologically tested.


*+1 day before the next shampoo - Anti-seborrheic biometrology - tested on 33 women - single application.

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A sebum-regulating dry shampoo with nettle to space out shampoos.

Frequency of use

As often as necessary


Shake the spray before use.


Spray in sections 15 cm from the scalp and leave for 2 minutes.


Brush well or use a hair dryer to remove any residue.



Natural active ingredients to purify oily scalps without aggravating them.

Organic nettle


The species Urtica dioica L. is known for its sebum-regulating active ingredient. We harvest its roots by hand, which are then dried naturally in the sun to preserve the plant's properties. Through an extraction process that respects the plant and the environment, using a green solvent, we obtain a highly concentrated active ingredient.

Absorbent powders


An exclusive blend of naturally-derived absorbent powders.

I have oily hair: what should I do?

I have oily hair: what should I do?

Greasy hair doesn't mean dirty hair: the real culprit is sebum (which you need to regulate).

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A few words from our team

Remember to brush your hair well after leaving the dry shampoo on for 2 minutes. Removal of residue and sebum guaranteed!


Our organic sebum-reducing dry shampoo with nettle is designed for oily hair that tends to get greasy quickly.

Our Organic Nettle dry shampoo has a 48-hour sebum-reducing action, which allows you to space out your shampoos.

At Klorane, we focus on natural effectiveness as much as possible. Our dry shampoo with organic nettle contains gas to facilitate an even distribution on the hair, but the powders are 100% natural!

Dry shampoo is a sure-fire way to save time when you’re short on it and to be able to get your hair clean without water, when conditions do not allow you to take a shower, for example: mothers-to-be, to have clean and lightweight hair during their stay in the maternity ward; people who travel; or anyone in a hurry in the morning before leaving for work. It is also THE secret of professional hairstylists to give body and texture to the hair before styling it in a bun, high ponytail, etc.

Discover the ORGANIC Nettle Range

Discover the ORGANIC Nettle Range

A complete product range with ORGANIC Nettle, to permanently cleanse oily scalps and reduce excess sebum.

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There is no need to be afraid of coming across this stinging plant, which has so much to offer. If you get stung by a nettle, nature will soothe you...

You can soothe the burns by rubbing leaves of the Common Plantain, mint, elder, parsley, ground ivy, sorrel, or mallow on the skin.

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