Our NEWEST Dry Shampoo with Oat and CeramideLIKE has officially touched down and is out-of-this-world!

We’ve reached stellar hair protection & repair with our latest innovation, now bringing the best in skincare to your haircare. 🚀💫 

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We’re launching hair into new heights with our Dry Shampoo!

Thanks to the addition of CeramideLIKE, the new formula provides added benefits: protection of the scalp & repair of the hair. That’s right! We’ve brought skincare science to your haircare. 

And this is not your regular dry shampoo. We’ve gone beyond:

·         Oil & grease

·         Overpowering fragrances

·         Just one hair type

·         White residue

Our new Dry Shampoo has 6 super absorbing powders working together to absorb sebum, pollution, odour, dirt, and impurities, leaving an invisible finish. 12 hours of revitalised and clean hair*!

But It's not just about banishing the grease; it's about adding some oomph too! It provides texture without weighing the hair down or leaving it feeling stiff, lifting at the roots for a soft and light, radiant look!

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You’ve likely heard about ceramides from your trusty daily moisturiser, but hold onto your hairbrush, because there’s more to this ingredient than meets the eye!

In skincare, ceramides are the unsung heroes - naturally occuring lipids that form the skin barrier, they work tirelessly to retain moisture and keep our skin protected. Well, they don’t stop there! Ceramides aren’t just skin deep; they’re hair deep too!   

They create a light protective barrier on our hair’s surface, trapping in moisture and ensuring your hair remains strong, healthy and shiny as ever. So thanks Ceramide – the real MVP of moisture.


  • Oat extract: Rich in lipids to be protective, and soothing
  • CeramideLIKE: A plant-based alternative to ceramide that repairs, strengthens & protects the hair fibre. The plant-derived ingredients forming ceramide-like in our formula include Butylene Glycol and Sodium D Lysine. They act like ceramide and mimic its benefits.

Pure ceramides, molecularly, are too heavy to spray out of the Dry Shampoo nozzle and would be too rich for the hair – leaving an unwanted greasy affect. Therefore, we use a ‘like’ ingredient for the formula to be sustainable in this format.

Proven effectiveness


said their hair was clean & felt supple after use1


said the dry shampoo had an invisible finish2

1. Consumer Use Test – Dry Shampoo. 78 users for 21 days aged 18 to 60 years.

2. Consumer Use Test Australia – Dry Shampoo, 21 users for 14 days.


To extend your haircare even past this, choose a routine that’s perfect for your hair! Start with our Quinine Strengthening Shampoo to gently wash the hair and scalp, while boosting resilience. Follow with our Quinine Strengthening Conditioner, bringing protection to thinning hair, and finally our Quinine Strengthening Serum, to thickens the hair fibre from root to tip.

Don’t forget our new Dry Shampoo with Oat and CeramideLIKE for a quick spritz between washes, or when you need some instant texture.

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