Klorane Botanical Foundation

Created by Pierre Fabre, Klorane Botanical Foundation has cultivated plants, as well as passion for botany for the last 24 years. The commitment of Klorane Botanical Foundation to preserving and promoting the world's plant heritage takes shape through three missions:


We protect plant species under threat through concrete actions throughout the world:

Great green wall

A desert defeated by new trees:

In Senegal, working alongside The National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Foundation committed to planting 10 000 desert date trees annually as part of the ambitious African "Great Green Wall" project: A long strip of green, 15 km wide, running from Dakar to Djibouti: over 7,000 km of vegetation to combat desertification.

A new generation of olive trees:

In 2007, fires ravaged thousands of hectares of olive trees in the Peloponnese. Some of the trees had been there for centuries. 10,000 seedlings were planted by the Foundation following the devastating fires.

A flower for change

In the Comoros, the rate of deforestation is the 4th highest in the world. Trees are disappearing at an alarming rate in part from the distillation process of Ylang-Ylang which requires a huge amount of wood. The Foundation supports the deployment of wood-saving home distillation units, which help to halve wood consumption (270 fewer metric tons every year), reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.


We conduct exploratory missions all over the world to increase of botanical know-how- To protect our plants, we must first be familiar with them through

  • the exploration of tropical old-growth forests
  • the investigation of threatened natural areas
  • the restoration of herbariums
  • the funding of botany theses


Knowledge is only of value when it is shared.
We introduce young children to botany and raise the general public's awareness of nature conservation through a Herbarium on stage’ workshops, the ‘Botany for Change’ award, and ‘UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS’ program.

Today we are excited to announce that Klorane Botanical Foundation will add Australia to the list of countries participating to the plant heritage conservation through an exciting partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. More details to come…

Learn more about the mission and actions of Klorane Botanical Foundation at https://www.kloranebotanical.foundation/en