UNESCO Green Citizens Exhibition at the Calyx


All around the world, there are citizens and whole communities who are carrying out exceptional projects to educate and raise awareness of sustainable development. They all share the same ambition: to build a better future for the world.

In partnership with UNESCO, SIPA PRESS and Klorane Botanical Foundation, UNESCO Green Citizens highlights these pathfinders for change through a photographic exhibition that presents eleven projects developed in Nicaragua, Japan, France, United States, Vanuatu, India, Senegal, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco and Portugal. One of the projects selected by UNESCO is the "Great Green Wall" initiative, which is supported by Klorane Botanical Foundation.

Each project showcases how education and the transmission of knowledge can enable sustainable development that meets the communities’ needs without compromising their natural resources therefore also preserving their future.

The men and women portrayed in these images have stepped into the limelight to demonstrate how everyone can become good citizens of the planet and make the right choices for a viable world.

After showing in New York, Geneva, Brussels, Porto and many more cities around the world, the UNESCO Green Citizens exhibition is travelling to Sydney for its Australia premiere, as part of Klorane Botanical Foundation’s partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Five of the eleven projects will be presented in the foyer of the Calyx in the botanic garden to empower everyone with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future and become their own pathfinder for change.


Exhibition details:

TThe Calyx Foyer – Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
Mrs Macquaries Rd, Sydney NSW 2000

2nd to 9th December 2018