Ritual Pomegranate

Punica granatum L.

Colour enhancing

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We select Pomegranate for its natural potent colour-binding tannins and antioxidant content. Pomegranate peel extract, cultivated in Morocco, gives colour-treated hair an intense and radiant colour. Colour is protected and enhanced.


Longer lasting colour
Reveal radiance and prolong the colour intensity, wash after wash, thanks to its very gentle formula.

Gently cleanses

Colour enhancing SOS Care
Formulated without Sulphates and rich in Pomegranate bark extract, rich in tannins, it cleanses hair without fading your colour.

Enhance your colour

Express care for a radiant colour
Detangle and reinvigorate your colour in 2 minutes while repairing deep into the hair fibre.


Colour gloss
Intensify and protect your colour daily. Mother of pearl intensifies shine.

« Reveal and prolong the intensity of colour-treated hair »

Punica granatum L.
Grenade gauche
Punica granatum L. for its potent colour-binding tannins.
Grenade centre
Hand harvested peels in the sun according to traditional methods.
Grenade droite
Active ingredients in a scientifically proven and patented colour-binding extract to reveal your colours intensity.