Dry shampoos For clean hair with extra volume in just 2 minutes without water!

Leading dry shampoo in Australia*

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Klorane Dry Shampoo is perfect for cleaning your hair without water to extend time between washes, guaranteeing naturally volumised and styled hair anywhere in just 2 minutes!


Detoxify and refresh

Scalp Detox
This detoxifying dry shampoo instantly refreshes and clarifies the hair and scalp in 2 minutes, while delivering an instant cooling sensation and invisible finish.
Dry Shampoos with Oat milk

Gentle formula with Oat milk

Avena sativa L. for all hair types
Gently restores volume and adds texture to hair. An iconic French beauty product that helps to style with ease.
Dry Shampoos with Nettle

Degrease and refresh

Oil control
Refreshes and extends time between washes for oily hair and regulates sebum levels for 48 hrs*.

Volumise and refresh

XL Volume
Plant-powered volumising dry shampoo that is enriched with 100% Organic Flax to naturally lift and support fine, flat hair from the roots.

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For decades, Klorane dry shampoo has been making women's lives easier by restoring volume and lightness to hair and extending time between washes! * IRI MarketEdge Pharmacy Data MAT 30/06/19 Dry Shampoo with Oat milk 150ml
Unique combination of plant extract and 4 ultra-absorbent natural-origin powders. Suitable for the specific needs of each scalp type.
Replacing 1 use of regular shampoo a week with 1 application of Klorane dry shampoo saves 500L of water yearly!** Klorane Botanical Foundation is also committed to fighting soil degradation resulting from drying out.

Klorane Tips for Saving Water

Learn how simple actions can improve your lifestyle and help to ease the pressures on our drought-stricken farming communities.

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