Centaury - For natural and coloured white, grey and platinum hair

Shout out to the botanical-loving blondes!

A gentle alternative to violet shampoo is here with the Australian launch of Klorane’s new Anti-Yellowing shampoo with Centaury.

Cara Fitch: Trille Floral

For blonde botanical business woman, Cara Fitch, nature acts as a constant source of inspiration for everything from her hair care to her floristry. “Colour palettes, ingredient choice and stem placement... I’m always observing the natural world and watching the seasons closely to see what flowers will be blooming next and anticipating the nuances in colour. In all of my designs I’m looking to emulate how the flowers are found in nature”.

Reflecting the season is important to Cara as “Mother Nature determines what flowers will be available, so I try to be open to using different varieties of flowers and work within a colour palette rather than being specific with the flower ingredients”.

Arranging flowers? Cara’s advice is to keep in mind how the flowers would look in nature. “Place them at varying heights and clustered together by variety. Let them breathe! If you pay attention to the natural arranging curves of the stems they will tell you where they want to be placed”.


As a platinum blonde girl Klorane’s shampoo with Centaury is essential!
Keeping those brassy tones away is definitely the hardest part of maintaining a radiant shade of blonde.


I love how Klorane uses pure plant extracts ...
As a florist, anything botanically driven is a yes for me!

Powered by Centaury: how does it work?

Our botanists chose Centaury, Centaurea Cyanus L., which gives radiance and shine to white, grey and platinum hair.

Violet shampoos are recommended to counteract the yellowing of grey and blonde hair because complementary colours neutralise their opposite! However, many violet shampoos contain synthetic dyes which can stain and leave your hair feeling dry and unhealthy.

Klorane uses plant-based Cyanocentaurein, a naturally occurring blue pigment, that is very gentle and does not stain.

Centaurea Cyanus L.

Centaurea Cyanus L.

The very nourishing and gentle emulsifying base of our Centaury shampoo means it can be used as often as required to enhance the radiance of white, grey, silver and platinum blond hair.

  • Illuminates silver highlights
  • Reduces dullness and brassiness
  • Neutralises yellow tones
  • Natural and effective alternative to stain-prone violet shampoos
  • Free from synthetic colouring agents
  • Silicone-free, dermatologically tested


* Clinical study – satisfaction test under dermatological control on an average of 30 individuals after 2 weeks of use, 2 to 3 times a week.
**Use test under dermatological control, after 14 days of use 2 to 3 times a week on 30 subjects. % of satisfaction
Centaury Botanical Soul