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Natural care for your hair

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 Hair beauty by Klorane 

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration; the healing powers of plants are infinite. Thanks to our botanical soul, our pharmaceutical expertise and our deep respect for your hair’s health, we are able to bring the plants to you. Discover what nature has to offer your hair


The amount of times hair is renewed in our life span


The number of hairs we lose on average each day


The years that a hair's growth phase lasts


The number of natural botanical ingredients selected by Klorane for their benefits on hair


Understanding and caring for nature

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How to take care of your scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Taking good care of the skin on your head is key to strong, beautiful hair. Irritation, excess sebum and dandruff all have solutions.

Everything you need to know about scalp care
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How to naturally enhance hair

Beautiful hair is hair that is strong, full and shiny. But how can all this be achieved? By following expert tips and using the right products.

How to protect your ends
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How to preserve hair’s natural vitality

Thinning hair: over time, hair loses its strength and needs a little boost (from nature). Our tips for getting hair that’s full of life.

Our tips for getting hair that’s full of life
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How can plants benefit for my hair?

Botany is full of ingredients that are essential to hair strength and health. All is needed is someone who can reveal its beauty secrets! Combining sensoriality and respect for the environment, plant-based care is the best way to take care of your hair as well as the planet. Each plant was selected by Klorane botanists based on its active ingredients and its benefits related to the different hair concerns: dry hair, damaged hair, oily scalp, etc. The answer is always in nature.

Do you know about the Klorane Mag?

Do you know about the Klorane Mag?

In it we share all our practical tips and ideas for a more gentle and environmentally-friendly daily routine, so that you can feel better in your skin while helping the planet! It’s the little things that make a big difference. Let’s make a change!

Discover the Klorane Mag
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