An environmentally friendly brand.


Klorane, a brand committed to protecting and promoting our plant heritage, has been taking inspiration from nature for over 50 years.

Faced with the gradual depletion of the Earth's natural resources, Klorane Laboratories has decided to guide our development plans to limit the impact on the planet.

Life Cycle Analysis, a reference tool, is at the heart of this environmental management approach focused on the product. 

By accurately measuring the environmental impact of each of the product creation phases, we can identify the measures to be taken to: 

  • Reduce the consumption of resources and energy, 
  • Reduce waste and CO2 emissions, 
  • Retain product qualities and performance. 


Ecocert 26000 label

Klorane Laboratories' contribution to these 3 components was assessed by the main organization in this area, ECOCERT, who recognized the brand's efforts through the launch of the Desert Date range by awarding the excellence label, the highest level of recognition.

Klorane Laboratories is the first dermo-cosmetics brand to receive the ECOCERT 26000 label.

What is the Ecocert 26000 label?

ECOCERT 26000 is an assessment model developed by ECOCERT to enable organizations to evaluate their level of maturity in terms of social responsibility. 

This model was created based on the principles of the international standard ISO 26000 on the corporate social responsibility of organizations.


An all-round comprehensive approach

Through our commitment to the "Great Green Wall" program, the development of an eco-designed brand, and the prosperity of our unique quality chain Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, we are compliant with the three founding principles required for the success of a Sustainable Development project:

  • Social equity, 
  • Economic efficiency,
  • Environmental protection.