Our @product haircare products are made in France
using carefully selected @plant botanical active ingredients

Clean your hair… without water

Clean and fresh hair in no time!

No need for water to clean your hair! To give your hair volume and freshness without having to take a shower, try dry shampoo. Everyday will be a good hair day!
shampooing sec extra doux spray
shampooing sec extra doux spray

Klorane Botanical Foundation


Klorane Botanical Foundation designed The City Garden of the Future in the Parc de la Villette, Paris.

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Klorane & You hair diagnosis

Reveal your true nature with this diagnosis and discover your recommended Klorane products made for you!

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Ritual with Flax fiber

Long lasting Volume

Shampooing aux fibres de lin
Shampooing aux fibres de lin
Lin accueil centre gauche

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