A natural, controlled dermo-cosmetic.




Klorane is supported by Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre, an approach awarded the EFQM label.

Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre: an approach certified for the responsible development of innovative botanical active ingredients that are safe and effective. Botanical Expertise Pierre Fabre is based on 4 pillars:

  • Innovation
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Guaranteeing quality, safety, and efficacy
  • Respecting our partners




Cutting-edge research on plants, bringing together the complementary expertise of botanists, agronomists, biologists, and pharmacists who are passionate about the benefits of the plant world.



Sustainable preservation of botanical heritage and biodiversity, both sources of benefits – whether known or yet to be discovered – for everyone’s health and well-being.



Scientifically proven effectiveness of our plant-based active ingredients. A quality approach resulting from our pharmaceutical background, which applies to all our plants.



An approach that respects our partners - farmers, growers, and suppliers - whose know-how helps us to develop our expertise.