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Introducing our new Keratin Strength fortifying spray!

Inspired by the latest methods in micro-nutrition, Klorane Laboratories have created Keratin Strength fortifying spray based on: Plant-based keratin*, quinine, caffeine + vitamins B3, B5, B6, B8. A scientific high-precision approach to target deficiencies by providing essential nutrients to the core of the hair fibre to revitalize the scalp and help repair the hair. Leaves hair soft and shiny. Non-greasy, non-sticky.

*Plant-based Keratin contains amino acids similar to those that make up the keratin found in the hair


Klorane x Not So Mumsy

Meet Marcia Leone… mother to Archie (6) and Poppy (8 months).


Marcia is the founder of “Not So Mumsy”, an inspirational website dedicated to the modern mama, where she shares honest words about her motherhood journey- the good, the bad and the behind the scenes.


“I'm often asked about my hair and if I experienced hair loss after the birth of my children, and the answer is YES!! My hair was literally falling out by the handful.”


A long-time fan of Klorane Dry Shampoo, Marcia jumped at the opportunity to trial Klorane's Quinine & B Vitamins range, which is specifically created to re-invigorate thinning and lifeless hair that may be caused by reactional hair loss.


“I have fine hair, but lots of it so when so much came out I really could notice the difference in volume.“


Just over 8 weeks ago, Marcia started using Klorane's shampoo and conditioner with Quinine & B Vitamins followed by the new Quinine Keratin Strength fortifying spray and really started to notice the difference in her hair.


While, “a full treatment time is 3 months, I am already seeing the results…my hair is stronger, healthier with noticeably less breakage.”


The Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray is full of plant-based keratin*, B vitamins, quinine and caffeine- a powerful combination proven to revitalise thinning, lifeless hair. Marcia used the Keratin Strength Fortifying Spray 2-3 times a week on damp hair using the special Klorane massage technique which reinvigorates the scalp without damaging the hair.



For your chance to try it for yourself, visit win.kloranecompetition.com.au!


not so mumsy

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Bec Judd in the studio with Klorane

Follow Bec Judd’s Klorane journey

Follow Bec Judd's Klorane journey through a day of effortless style with Klorane Dry Shampoo!

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Desert Date range

The Desert Date- a source of Inspiration

In Sub-Sahelian Africa, the Desert date is distinguished by its amazing ability to optimise the low nutrition it receives from its environment, building nutritional reserves and remaining healthy for months in the total absence of water. Staying perfectly nourished and hydrated, it produces extraordinarily rich fruit. From this unique model of resistance to the most extreme conditions of drought, Klorane Laboratories have extracted the very best of its proteins and fatty acids, to give silkiness and strength to even the most damaged hair.


A responsible range for sustainable beauty

When we created our range with Desert date, we sought to rise to the challenges of sustainable development. Featuring biodegradable formulas, lightweight recyclable packaging, a fair-trade plant supply chain, this ecologically responsible range also complements the ambitious Great Green Wall.


The Desert date… At the heart of the Great Green Wall

In 20 years, half of the trees growing in some parts of the Sahel zone have disappeared. The lack of rainfall after serious droughts plus human impact have wreaked havoc on the ecological balance of the area and the lives of the local population. To fight this desertification, we have planted more than 10 000 desert date trees annually as part of the Great Green Wall project. This multi-species plant belt is over 7,000 km long and 15 km wide, crossing 11 African countries from Dakar to Djibouti.




The involvement of the local population ensures the success of the Great Green Wall programme. Men monitor the protected areas and young trees. In return, they can harvest the first products yielded by the land: fodder, fruit, vegetables, gum Arabic. Several allotments have been set aside for women to use, in exchange for the nurturing of tree nurseries. As well as diversifying the inhabitants' diet, fruit and vegetables are sold on local markets, which provides them with a source of income.



Soothing starts here!

Discover our new soothing ritual with Chinese Peony and a fragrance that is scientifically proven* to relax ensuring long-lasting, soothing comfort for your irritated scalp. 

*Physiological measurements and behavior analyses on 22 subjects. 


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Our towns are growing and greenery is gradually disappearing. We should refocus on nature and reinvest in our cities!

This year, for the second Botany for Change awards, Klorane Botanical Foundation invited the community of students studying botany, horticulture, architecture, and landscaping to re-vegetate our cities and lives by designing The City Garden of the Future in the Parc de la Villette, the largest park in Paris and the emblem of urban vegetation. A garden dedicated to the beauty and diversity of the plant world, which showcases the best change-through-botany initiatives.