Ritual with Nettle

Urtica dioica L.


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We have selected White Nettle, the roots of which are rich in natural sebum-regulating active ingredients. Gathered in Europe, its roots are harvested and dried naturally in the sun in order to concentrate the active ingredient. The scalp is clean and purified, and the hair is light and airy.

Ortie range haut gauche
Ortie range haut droite


Oil control
Gently clean and purify oily hair. Regulates the production of sebum by removing excess oil production with each use.

« Deeply purify oily hair and scalp »

Urtica dioica L.
Ortie gauche
Urtica dioica L. species for its rich seboregulating active ingredient properties.
ortie centre
Collect and dry roots in the sun using traditional methods.
Ortie droite
A powerful botanical seboregulating ingredient to balance the scalp.