Ritual with Aquatic Mint

Mentha aquatica L.


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For centuries, mint has been used around the world for its invigorating and refreshing properties. Among all the species, we chose Mentha aquatica L. for its high concentration of polyphenols, with scientifically proven antioxidant and antipollution activity on the scalp. We cultivate it organically, in the south-west of France. An exceptional collaboration between the KLORANE BOTANICAL FOUNDATION and the SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENT of the Chinese University of Tsinghua has highlighted the novel depolluting properties of our species on fresh water



Pollution Detox

Protect and untangle

Protection from Pollution
A real anti-pollution "shield", this 2 in 1 treatment protects the hair while detangling the lengths.

« " La Menthe aquatique détoxifie le cuir chevelu et les cheveux respirent" »

Mentha aquatica L.
Aquatic mint with unprecedented depolluting properties and doubly demonstrated, on the scalp by our Klorane experts, and on fresh water by Tsinghua University in China supported by Klorane Botanical Foundation.
The environment with an eco-responsible project for cultivation, organic farming, product manufacturing, in a short circuit. And fresh water, by supporting with the Klorane Botanical Foundation a project to clean up contaminated water by aquatic mint in the South West of France.
Les richesses de cette plante à travers un rituel de soins expert et écoresponsable aux formules naturelles et biodégradables, et à l’efficacité antipollution prouvée, et porter à la connaissance du monde les propriétés exceptionnelles d’une plante faussement ordinaire.