Dry Shampoo Nettle

Urtica dioica L.

Freshness, volume and texture

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The dry shampoo with nettle, first created in 1971, absorbs excess sebum and cleanses your hair and restores volume in just 2 minutes. Dry shampoo allows for a longer time between washes, thanks to an innovative formula- a combination of Nettle extract with seboregulating properties to maintain a normal scalp and micronised powders with very high absorbing powers.

Ortie range haut gauche
Ortie range haut droite

Cleans hair without water

Seboregulating. Increase time between shampoos.
Clean, fresh hair, volume and texture in just 2 minutes. Specifically formulated for oily hair for seboregulation. Allows for more time between shampoos.

Oil absorbing - Natural tint

Sebo-absorbing. Increase time between shampoos. Invisible finish.
Clean and fresh hair, volume and texture in 2 minutes only. Specifically formulated for oily hair for sebo-absorbption. Allows for more time in between shampoos. The light tint blends in naturally in brown to dark hair for an invisible finish.

« Deeply purify oily hair and scalp. »

Urtica dioica L.
Ortie gauche
Urtica dioica L. species for its rich seboregulating active ingredient properties.
ortie centre
And dry roots in the sun using traditional methods.
Ortie droite
A powerful botanical seboregulating ingredient to balance the hair scalp.