Sensitive scalp: we've got a soothing range for you!


Some scalps are more sensitive than others. Hard water, sudden changes in temperature, stress… Your scalp feels itchy and uncomfortable, and that makes you even more stressed. Stop this now!

A complete soothing routine

Act on the symptoms: our Peony SOS Serum, highly concentrated in Peony extract with scientifically proven* anti-irritating properties, a neutral pH and a refreshing texture, immediately soothes irritated scalp. This no rinse product can be used as a weekly cure or as an SOS remedy to instantly soothed irritated scalp. Prolong the effects of your Peony soothing routine. Take some much-needed breaks in your busy daily routine. Discover the Klorane experience on Breathe in, breathe out… now you can relax! *In vitro test


Spray in sections

On wet or dry scalp, spray section by section.

Pivoine- geste-apaisant-2

Gently massage

Use your fingers rather than a brush or a comb to avoid irritating your scalp. Your scalp will instantly feel fresh and your hair soft.

Pivoine- geste-apaisant-3

Soothed all day long

Take it with you everywhere, for immediate relief and freshness!

Welcome to the Soothing world of Peony

Soothe Your Scalp, Relax your mind, Keep Calm and Peony On

Our expert methods

Laver vos cheveux… sans eau.

Clean your hair… without water

Clean and fresh hair in no time!

No need for water to clean your hair! To give your hair volume and freshness without having to take a shower, try dry shampoo. Everyday will be a good hair day!