Ritual with Magnolia wax

Magnolia grandiflora L.


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We have selected Magnolia that is native to Southwest France. From its leaves, we extract a moisturizing and protective wax. In perfect harmony with hair cuticles, it binds to their surface and provides exceptional shine.


Intense shine
Hydrates and protects the hair, which reflects the light and becomes shiny and radiant.


Detangling and shine
This conditioner detangles hair and boosts its shine.

Boost shine

Daily shine
One spray and hair recovers its intense shine and radiance. Use whatever your style!

« Bring life to dull hair and provide intense shine »

Magnolia grandiflora L.
magnolia gauche
the Magnolia grandiflora L. species for its extraordinary shiny leaves.
magnolia centre
the leafy branches cut each year in winter to preserve the shape and beauty of these trees.
magnolia droite
a moisturizing and protective wax, with scientifically proven and patented reflective action, from the cuticle of its leaves.