Dry Shampoo Nettle

Urtica dioica L.

Freshness, volume and texture

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Created in 1971, our Dry shampoo with Nettle absorbs excess sebum and allows a longer time between washes. The innovative formula is a combination of sebo-regulating Nettle extract to help maintain a healthy scalp and micronised powders which are highly absorbent. Clean and restore volume to your hair in just 2 minutes.

Ortie range haut gauche
Ortie range haut droite

Cleans hair without water

Sebo-regulating. Extend time between shampoos.
Clean, fresh hair, volume and texture in just 2 minutes. Specifically formulated for oily hair to regulate oil production and extend the time between shampoos.

« Deeply purify oily hair and scalp »

Urtica dioica L.
Ortie gauche
Urtica dioica L. species for its rich seboregulating active ingredient properties.
ortie centre
Collect and dry roots in the sun using traditional methods.
Ortie droite
A powerful botanical seboregulating ingredient to balance the scalp.