Reveal your blond highlights

klorane le geste

This spray makes your hair look its best and helps you get brigther hair. You can use it to boost your blond highlights or for a perfect tie&dye effect for bright and golden lengths. Ready for summer all year round?

Beach hair in one spray, whatever the weather!

What if your blond highlights could stay radiant even after the holidays? The beach hair addicts will be satisfied with this silicone-free product that brightens blond hair and gives nice golden highlights to brown hair.

Our tips for use

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For 100% blondes

Lighten your hair completely by spraying uniformly and comb to apply everywhere. Repeat twice or 3 times a week for better results.

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Pour un Tie & Dye sur-mesure

Split the hair in two and tie each part in a pony tail. Spray from the hair tie to the ends.


For a highlight effect

For a more discreet highlight effect, spray on select strands around the face, from the roots to the ends.

Our tutorials

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