Brings strength and beauty to tired hair

Fini le gâchis ! Une noisette de shampooing suffit.

We select Cinchona a tree native to south American for its bark that is rich in quinine with powerful strengthening and revitalising properties. The bark is harvested by hand and concentrated in a patented extract with active ingredients

Cinchona calisaya Wedd. species for its Quinine-rich bark, with powerful fortifying and strengthening properties.

Bark by hand from trees aged over 6 years so their growth is not affected.

Our tips for use

quinine gauche

Its efficacy by combining it with vitamin B5 and B6 for their fortifying and keratin strengthening properties of the hair shaft.

Work two pea-sized amounts of cream in the palm of your hand to maximize the effects

Choose your best-suited day cream

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