Ritual With Centaury

Centourea cyanus L.

Brightness restoring and anti-yellowing

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We grow Centaury as an organic crop in Southwest France. The flowers are hand-picked and dried away from the sun to preserve the quality of the cyanocentaurein. This plant-based pigment reduces yellowing and provides radiance to white and/or gray hair.


Natural shine and silver highlights
Restores beauty and radiance to gray and white hair by neutralizing yellow shades. The secret to a beautiful silvery shine!

« Revive the silver highlights in white or gray hair and reduce yellowing »

Centourea cyanus L.
Centaurée gauche
the Centaurea cyanus L. species for its high cyanocentaurein content, a plant-based pigment with blue tints.
Centaurée centre
the flower heads and dry them away from the sun to preserve the quality of the pigment they contain.
Centaurée droite
an active ingredient traditionally used to give white or gray hair silver highlights.