Face and body care with Calendula

Calendula officinalis L.

Daily protection and moisturizing

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Your baby’s sensitive skin needs tailor-made products. With the moisturizing or nourishing products with protective Calendula, baby’s skin is nourished, soothed and protected, day after day.

Lait hydratant


Hydrater au quotidien
Hydrate intensément la peau délicate de bébé, évite le dessèchement cutané, et protège la peau des agressions extérieures. Visage et corps.

« Protecting, soothing and repairing baby's young skin. »

Calendula officinalis L.
the Calendula officinalis L. species from dozens of varieties after several years of experimenting, to guarantee a maximum content of active ingredients.
each Calendula plant by hand as it flowers in order to preserve the quality of the active ingredients.
we prepare our own Calendula extract in order to guarantee the optimal safety and effectiveness of Klorane Bébé products.