Ritual with Cornflower

Centaurea cyanus L.

Soothing and decongesting

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We grow Cornflower as an organic crop on our land in Southwest France. The flowers are harvested when mature to extract, after infusion and distillation, a pure and safe soothing floral water to care for the most sensitive eyes.

Remove eye make-up

The floral lotion removes make-up effectively and gently from the most sensitive eyes and delicate eyelids. Perfect for contact lens wearers.

Remove face & eye make-up

The ultra gentle floral water removes make-up from the most sensitive faces, lips and eyes, even for contact lens wearers, and leaves skin soothed, supple, moisturized and soft.

Remove eye make-up

This bi-phase solution with exceptional fluidity instantly and gently removes waterproof make-up and limits eyelash loss.

Smooth the eye contour

The eye patches with soothing cornflower immediately alleviate signs of fatigue. Lines are smoothed, eyes are soothed and brightened.

Remove make-up from the face

Remove make-up in just one go from the face, the lips and the most sensitive eyes, even for contact lens wearers. Soothes and leaves a pleasant fresh feeling.

« Soothes the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. »

Centaurea cyanus L.
Bleuet gauche
the Centaurea cyanus L. species for its soothing properties that have long been recognized and are now scientifically proven.
Bleuet centre
when mature, not a day too early or a day too late, to catch the flower in full bloom.
Bleuet droite
a pure and safe floral water, after infusion and distillation, just long enough to ensure its soothing properties.