Ritual with organically farmed Cornflower

Centaurea cyanus L.

Soothing and decongesting

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Cornflowers are used locally to treat skin and mucous membrane infections (small wounds, scratches, cracks, chapped skin, insect bites, etc.). Cornflower decoctions were prescribed for irritated eyes and eyelids and to treat conjunctivitis, and more generally for irritation or discomfort of the eyeball. Cornflowers also aid digestion, treat stomach issues, strengthen the liver function and help build resistance to infections. They are currently included in the 10th edition of the French pharmacopoeia.

Eau micellaire bleuet klorane

Remove face & eye make-up

The ultra gentle floral water removes make-up from the most sensitive faces, lips and eyes, even for contact lens wearers, and leaves skin soothed, supple, moisturized and soft.
gentle eye make up remover

Remove eye make-up

The floral lotion removes make-up effectively and gently from the most sensitive eyes and delicate eyelids. Perfect for contact lens wearers.

Remove eye make-up

This bi-phase solution with exceptional fluidity instantly and gently removes waterproof make-up and limits eyelash loss.

« Soothes the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. »

Centaurea cyanus L.
Bleuet gauche
the Centaurea cyanus L. species for its soothing properties that have long been recognized and are now scientifically proven.
Bleuet centre
when mature, not a day too early or a day too late, to catch the flower in full bloom.
Bleuet droite
a pure and safe floral water, after infusion and distillation, just long enough to ensure its soothing properties.

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