How to have a great summer with baby?

Make the most of the summer break to stimulate and pamper your baby! Here are some activities and care tips to keep baby smiling until September.

Summer is here at last. It's time for vacations and relaxing with your family. The freedom gives parents a wonderful opportunity to spend time with their babies. A perfect chance to share cuddles, new experiences and lots of discoveries.

Teach baby body awareness 

It’s hot and your baby spends all day in diapers and onesies. Use these relaxing weeks to help them discover their body from head to toe, with caresses when you can tell they are alert. At bath time or in a little inflatable pool, dribble water gently over the different parts of baby’s body. You can help them sharpen their perception of their body by blowing on a particular part, for example from the back of their hand up towards their shoulder, or from foot to knee. Saying the names of their body parts can help them gradually learn to feel and recognize them.

détente, soleil, sieste

Introduce your baby to nature 

Sit outside with baby, enjoying the shade of a large tree or parasol. Explain the wind blowing on their skin, tickle them with a blade of grass, lift a flower to their nose, or point out the light filtering through the branches. Encourage your baby to listen to the birdsong or the sound of the waves. Even at just a few weeks old, babies are stimulated by all these new experiences that help them learn about the world.

Awaken baby's senses through massage 

The benefits of massage for babies are well known. It strengthens your bond, helps them sleep, reassures them, and aids digestion. Use the time you have after baby’s bath or diaper change to give them a massage with products designed for their delicate skin, for example the Moisturizing Cream with Organic Calendula.

Begin with short massages (a few minutes long), paying attention to your baby’s reactions. Start on the arms, legs, and back, where your baby is used to being touched. If baby becomes agitated, stop and try again later. If they are enjoying the experience, try extending your massage to their face and head.

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Play with textures 

Babies are very responsive to touch. It is how they first interact with the world. Place different things in their little hands: sand, grass, earth, leaves, a fluffy towel… all these different textures and materials will appeal to their curiosity, encouraging them to explore their environment.

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Care for baby's skin

Wind, sand, pool or sea water, friction, and heat can all irritate or dry out your baby’s delicate skin. Make sure you carry the Nourishing Cream with Cold Cream, which contains Calendula to soothe and nourish. You can also use the Gentle Cleansing Gel, which will take care of baby’s skin at bath time, while also looking after the environment thanks to its biodegradable formula.

Discover new flavors 

Eat outside, so it doesn’t matter if baby gets food everywhere. They will love playing with their purees, squashing fruits between their fingers, and putting them in their mouth to discover new tastes. If they are already exploring a wider range of foods, from 10-11 months old you can introduce well-ripened raw fruits (banana, apple, peach, apricot, pear, etc.) and let baby put them in their mouth with their fingers after crushing them. They’ll love it!

Have a wonderful summer break with your family!