Face mask

Face mask

Take care of your skin and give yourself a well-deserved moment of relaxation with our face mask with active ingredients of natural origin.

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Why make a face mask?

The mask is an essential step in taking good care of your skin. It is the ideal complement to a facial routine: it provides an in-depth treatment to detoxify the skin and protect it durably from external aggressions.

Among the many masks on the market, two types can be distinguished:

- Beauty" masks: they give your skin a boost when you need to wake up your complexion quickly, for example before a wedding or an important event.

- Care" masks: they can be used all year round and treat your skin in depth. They are used as a basic treatment.


Which face mask to choose?

Each face mask is designed to treat a specific problem. That's why there is a wide variety of face masks: some matify the skin and treat acne, others deeply moisturize dry skin, others illuminate the complexion...

Choose a mask that targets your needs according to your skin type. Generally speaking, solid masks (powders and sticks) are better suited to oily skin, while gel or cream masks are better suited to dry skin.

Klorane mask for combination to oily skin

Our purifying stick mask with Organic Water Mint and Clay detoxifies the skin and absorbs impurities accumulated in the pores. The Organic Water Mint acts as a protective shield against pollution thanks to its antioxidant action, while the White Clay fights against acne and imperfections thanks to its antibacterial properties. The mask is enriched with Aloe Vera extract and glycerin, two active ingredients that deeply moisturize the skin. 

The stick format is an innovation of Klorane Laboratories: the mask is applied directly to the skin without using the fingers and its colored texture allows a precise application.

Klorane mask for normal to dry skin

Specifically designed for normal and dry skin, our organic cornflower face mask plumps up the skin and moisturizes it deeply while you sleep. The organic cornflower extract soothes redness and itching and the hyaluronic acid intensely moisturizes your skin. When you wake up, your face is visibly regenerated and ready to face the day.

Take care of your skin by choosing a natural mask

For a mask to work, it must soak into your skin enough for the active ingredients to penetrate your pores. This means that all the other ingredients in the mask will also enter your skin, which is why the quality of the treatment is extremely important. Choose organic masks containing a maximum of natural ingredients.

How to apply a face mask?

Here are the right steps to get maximum benefits from your mask:

1. Clean your skin

Start by removing your makeup completely and cleansing your skin with your usual cleanser.

2. Apply the mask

The application method depends on the type of mask:

- Sheet mask: place the mask on your face and create an opening for your mouth, eyes and nose.

- Powder" mask: place a small amount of powder on your damp fingers and spread it over your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth.

- Cream" mask: apply the mask all over your face (except around the eyes and mouth) and let it dry for a few minutes before resuming your activities.

There is no need to cover your face with a thick layer as the skin will not absorb the excess anyway. Just make sure your face is completely covered.

3. Leave the mask on your skin

The application time varies depending on the mask: some will work in less than an hour, others need an entire night to take effect. The fastest masks usually take about half an hour to work.

4. Rinse your face

Once the necessary time has elapsed, rinse your face with clear water to remove the mask residue.

5. Get back into your skincare routine

Moisturize your skin after removing the mask and apply your usual serums and treatments.

When to do a face mask?

For your mask to be effective, you must give it time to be absorbed by the skin. So choose your moment carefully to get the most out of its benefits.

Should I use a mask in the morning or in the evening?

The best time to apply your mask is in the evening, when your skin is free of makeup and you have time to let it work. You can also leave it on overnight to maximize its effectiveness.

Before or after the shower?

A mask should always be applied after a shower, or at least several hours before. If you rinse it off too soon, you may not get the benefits.

How often should a mask be done?

A face mask is used 1 to 3 times a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

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