One plant, one specific indication


Calendula officinalis L.

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We harvest each Calendula plant by hand as it flowers in order to preserve the quality of the active ingredients, the extract of which protects, strengthens, and awakens the natural defenses of baby's young, delicate skin.


Centourea cyanus L.

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We have chosen Centaury for its concentration in cyanocentaurein. This plant-based pigment reduces yellowing and provides radiance to white and/or gray hair.


Matricaria recutita L.

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We select Chamomile for its rich Apigenin pigment content in its petals to naturally lighten blond hair and reveal the highlights of light brown hair.

Typo manuscrite Cédrat


Citrus medica L.

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Citrus fruit cultivated in the Mediterraneen is traditionally used for its tonic and cleansing benefits. We select Citrus to offer a real extract of lightness to normal to oily hair.


Centaurea cyanus L.

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The Cornflower heads are harvested when mature to extract, after infusion and distillation, a pure and safe soothing floral water, a unique active ingredient with long-recognized, soothing properties needed to care for and cleanse the most sensitive eyes.

Desert Date

Balanites aegyptiaca L.

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We cultivate the Desert date seed in sub-Sahel region respecting its eco-system. Filled with essential fatty acid, proteins and sugar, it offers a full repair of the hair strand.

Flax fiber

Linum usitatissimum L.

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We have selected Flax, a light and delicate plant for its mucillage rich content, providing a natural volume support structure to the hair and producing a very supple volume from the roots.


Magnolia grandiflora L.

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From Magnolia leaves, cultivated in Southwest France we extract a moisturizing and protective wax. In perfect harmony with hair cuticles, it binds to their surface and provides exceptional shine.


Tropaeolum majus L.

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We select Nasturtium, cultivated in South-West of France using techniques that respect the surrounding ecosystem, for its powerful purifying properties that help eliminate dry dandruff with each wash.


Urtica dioica L.

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The roots of white nettle have been dried in the sun using traditional methods to obtain a powerful botanical seboregulating natural ingredient.

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Avena sativa L.

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We select Oat for its exceptionally rich content in sugar, lipids and vitamins with softening and protecting properties.


Olea europaea L.

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Selected from the Peloponnese in Greece for its quality, resistance and high nutritional content, the fleshy fruits are delicately pressed to harvest its essential olive extract, rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and substantive elements.


Punica granatum L.

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Pomegranate's peels are harvested by hand using traditional methods and dried in the sun to concentrate their natural ingredient in an extract with patented colour binding power.


Cinchona calisaya Wedd.

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We select Cinchona, a tree native to South America traditionally used as a tonic and fortifying ingredient. Its bark is naturally rich in Quinine, a molecule with fortifying and strenghtening patented properties.

centaurée botanique gauche
centaurée botanique droite
Pulpe de cédrat botanique gauche
Pulpe de cédrat botanique droite
Bleuet botanique droite
Capucine botanique gauche
Capucine botanique droite
Ortie botanique droite
Lait d'amande botanique gauche
Lait d'amande botanique droite
Extrait essentiel d'Olivier botanique droite
quinine botanique gauche