Cupuaçu, a concentrate of moisturizing for skin

botanical focus: Cupuaçu

Grown in Amazonia, Cupuaçu is the future star active ingredient of cosmetic care. Once dried in the sun, its seeds are pressed to extract a dense butter with an exceptional nutritive power. It is this butter that Klorane has chosen to formulate its new range of body care products.

All concerned with dry skin!

Skin dryness affects all skin types, thin or thick, sensitive or not. Composed of 80% water, our epidermis is covered with a thin protective film: the hydrolipidic film. This barrier simply serves to maintain the necessary water at an optimal level of moisturization for the skin. When the film is weakened or altered, the water evaporates and the skin becomes rough, tight, itchy, and leaves dehydration wrinkles to appear. The causes are often multiple: cold, temperature variations, sun, too aggressive skin care products, friction of the tissues - pantyhose, scarves in winter, sand in summer, fatigue, deficiencies in certain nutrients, or simply too little water consumption! But with simple gestures, we can take action to protect and restore this skin barrier.


Cupuaçu butter, nutritive active ingredient for your skin

To meet the needs of all dry skins, the ethnobotanists Klorane have retained all the qualities of the Organic Cupuaçu from Amazonia - Theobroma grandiflorum. Harvested by hand in Amazonia, the fruits are pulped and the seeds dried in the sun. They are then pressed, and the organic Cupuaçu butter obtained is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, and 1.5 times more nutritive than shea butter. It has made it possible to create a range of body care products that, from shower to moisturizing milk, takes care of the whole family's skin, providing up to 24 hours of continuous moisturization. Composed of 96% ingredients of natural origin, Klorane's eco-responsible body care products limit their impact on the environment by using 25% recycled raw materials in the manufacture of the bottles, which are offered without a case or instructions. #FeelGoodActGood