Ritual Desert date

Balanites aegyptiaca L.

Nourishing and repairing

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We cultivate Desert date in the Sub-Sahel, respecting the eco-system. Rich in essential fatty acids, proteins and sugar, the hair shaft is completely repaired. Tames frizz and repairs hair damage, breakage and split ends.


Gently wash dry, damaged and brittle hair.


Repairing and detangling
After shampooing, this conditioner repairs dry, damaged and brittle hair.


Daily repair
An intense repairing treatment to regenerate dry and brittle hair day after day.


Protect and repair
Intensely nourished and repaired from root to tip, dry, damaged and brittle hair becomes silky and strong in just 5 minutes.
dattier ambient

« Offer resistance and silkiness to dry, damaged and brittle hair »

Balanites aegyptiaca L.
Dattier du désert gauche
The Balanites aegyptiaca L. (Desert date seed kernel) for its rich protein and fatty acid content, offering repairing properties.
Dattier du désert centre
Dates by hand in Sub-Sahel region respecting the environment and local population.
Dattier du désert droite
Active ingredients in an extract with patented anti-breakage power to repair brittle hair.