Clean your hair… without water

Clean and fresh hair in no time!

Laver vos cheveux… sans eau.

After the gym, a big night out or a sleep-in, there is no time to wash your hair! The solution? Klorane Dry Shampoo... the unique Oat Milk formula will absorb oil in just 2 minutes, giving volume and texture to your hair.

Get volume and that clean-hair feeling without the need for water.

Dry Shampoo is coloured hairs best friend. To make your colour treatment last longer, use Dry Shampoo from the very first day. This way, you can delay the first hair wash and keep your intense and radiant colour longer.

Our tips for use


Spray 30cm away from the roots.

Shake well before use and between sprays. Apply section by section. Leave the product on to absorb for 2 minutes.


Remove residue

Use a brush or a hairdryer to remove any white residue. If you have curly hair, work fingers through your hair to remove.


Ensure shiny finish

Work a dab of leave-in cream in the palm of your hand, then apply to lengths to rehydrate split ends.

Select your best suited dry shampoo according to your hair type

Dry shampoo

Absorb excess sebum and add volume and texture to your hair. Give hair more body making it so much easier to style!


Tinted dry shampoo

The light tint blends in naturally in brown to dark hair, without staining or damaging the natural colour.


Nettle dry shampoo

Clean, fresh hair, volume and texture in just 2 minutes. Specifically formulated for oily hair to regulate sebum production and increase the time between shampoos.


Our expert methods

Une crème de jour pour mes cheveux

Care and radiance in no time

A day cream… for your hair


Klorane soothing ritual

Sensitive scalps: we've got a soothing range for you!