Detox Your Scalp with Aquatic Mint

Mentha aquatica L.


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Bad air, bad odors, sweat, get your hair down? Detox your scalp with the Aquatic Mint collection formulated to neutralize odors, rid and protect your hair from impurities that are weighing your hair down, whether it's after sports, feeling stuffy after your MRT commute, or exposure to smoke/polluted air. Feel refreshed and say hello to light and healthy locks! What is Aquatic Mint? For centuries, mint has been used around the world for its invigorating and refreshing properties. From all of the varieties, we have selected Mentha aquatica L. for its high concentration in polyphenols, with a scientifically proven antioxidant and anti-pollution effect on the scalp. We grow it organically in southwest France. An exceptional partnership between KLORANE BOTANICAL FOUNDATION and the SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENT of the Chinese University of Tsinghua has highlighted the unique decontaminating properties of our variety in fresh water.



Detox your scalp & hair
This shampoo with a cooling effect cleanses deep down and removes pollutant particles.

Detangle & Protect

Antipollution protection
This 2-in-1 care cools down and protects the scalp with an anti-pollution "shield”. Detangles and brings shine to hair.

Scalp Deodorant

Purifies throughout the day
This light and refreshing mist neutralizes scalp & hair odours (from food, sports, smoke, etc).

« Aquatic Mint detoxifies the scalp and make hair breathe. »

Mentha aquatica L.
the Mentha Aquatica L. variety for its high polyphenol content, with proven antioxidant and anti-pollution effects.
We cultivate Aquatic mint organically on our land, in southwest France. And harvest it by hand using traditional methods.
We obtain a pure sap from Aquatic mint using a solvent-free and water-free patented extraction method based on green chemistry.