For 4,000 years, every September and October the shores of the Mediterranean Sea have glimmered with the ruby-red brilliance of the pomegranate. Luscious and plentiful, from the sweet pulp to its seeds to its shell, the tree produces a fruit rich in beneficial antioxidants. At Klorane, it is the peel that sparks our interest. We use it to extract an active ingredient that has for centuries been sought after by Moroccan women, who use it to dye precious fabrics.

Grown with the utmost respect for the environment, Pomegrenate is harvested to insure zero loss during the harvest.

We have selected Pomegranate for its concentration in tannin and natural antioxidants. Pomegranate's peels are harvested by hand using traditional methods and dried in the sun to concentrate their active ingredient in an extract with patented color binding power.

Punica granatum L.

We harvest our Pomegranate under the sun of Morocco



Punica granatum L. for its potent colour-binding tannins.


Hand harvested peels in the sun according to traditional methods.


Active ingredients in a scientifically proven and patented colour-binding extract to reveal colours intensity.

The Klorane selection


Longer lasting colour
Reveal radiance and prolong the colour intensity, lasting wash after wash thanks to its very gentle formula.

Enhance your colour

Express care for a radiant colour
Detangle and reinvigorate your colour in 2 minutes. Rich with repairing agents, the formula repairs deep into the hair fibre.